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Event and Travel Planner

About ME

Hello, I am Sarah—let’s be friends. I live in small town Wisconsin but love to drive and make my own adventures. Like going to lunch at a café an hour away or visiting a little shop just to support small business is my perfect afternoon. After working for myself for five years planning weddings I knew there was more I was meant to do. I have always had a love for travel and want to show others where they can visit next.


Event Planning

What started as a love for organized details and the perfect finishing touches has turned into a business I am so proud of. My love for logistics, communication and phenomenal party inspired me to being planning and coordinating weddings in 2013. Since then I have been so blessed to work with amazing couples each with their own ideas and personalities. In 2018 I began working with companies and local business owners to expand my skills into retreats, corporate parties and more. Find out how my personalized service can be the right fit for you.


Travel Planning

With a desire to take events to bigger ,better and warmer locations I am pleased to be apart of the Travel Vibe family. I am a travel agent able to book everything from vacations and destination weddings to group and corporate events. Knowing which resorts and destinations are best for your needs and I am able to help you get the most out of each day and dollar.



My mission is to empower women to live their best lives. To encourage them to declutter what isn’t serving them and put what matters most above what they might want right now. To set goals and focus on creating their dream life.



Recent Blog Posts

A place to inspire women to be their best, find what lights them up and chase it like there isn’t any other option. Because there isn’t and you can’t do it alone.



Hands on events to equip you with the tools to be a goal crusher.