Sarah Misicka - Badass and Joyful

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If you have ever met me and asked me how I am 99% of the time I replied with “I am fantastic, how are you?” Usually people reply with a very skeptical “really…?” I tell them I really truly am fantastic and life is great and I hope they are having the best day ever also. In all honesty is every day perfect? Not even close. But, I decided early on that I don’t want to be like everyone else. I want to be extraordinary in my own way, and telling people I am fantastic is just the start of me choosing to be more than just fine. It literally makes me so happy when someone is either blown away that I am just so damn happy to be talking with them or they reply with the same level of excitement and tell me that they too are thrilled to be here, talking with me as well.

I am always excited about something and most of all I am excited that I get to live this life I was given. It is truly incredible that I get to spread joy by choosing to be happy and positive. And if you have ever fake laughed for a photo you know it is literally the funniest thing ever and truly makes you laugh out loud. In turn, making the whole thing not fake at all, just more like fake it ‘til you make it.

You are what you choose to focus on and you need to choose your words carefully. I choose to be excited and inspired by the abundant good things in my life and I am here encouraging you to find out what lights you up and tell the world about it.

Recently, I came to the obvious realization that the thing I love most in the world is connecting with and encouraging other women to be rock stars. And while I knew I wanted to take my business from just weddings to a lifestyle brand that reflected who I am. (Yes I am still available for planning wedding and events) I wasn’t clear on how important empowering other women to take charge of changing their own lives would be.

Be yourself and you can be anything

Be yourself and you can be anything, I choose to be badass and joyful. To look around at the world with a sense that I know how my unique gifts can make this world a better place.  After, months of pouring my heart into decisions and fighting some major self-doubt I decided I am going to be unapologetically ME. No matter who else “gets” it, they don’t have to. I know I light up like The Griswold house at Christmas time when I am talking to other women about how badass they are, their goals and dreams, that they are great moms, and how they can do anything they set their minds too.  I am so proud to share with you my new mission/ path/ journey? There will be coffee dates, book clubs, workshops, and tons blog post about rocking your life and why you deserve to design your dream life.